The short answer is, no. We used to have one of those tiny kiosks in Honolulu’s Ala Moana Center where we sold our vintage prints, frames, and posters. The rent was $6,000/month and killing us. Then 2 planes flew into the Twin Towers and the place went dead for many months. No Japanese, no mainlanders. No tourists whatsoever. Management (General Growth Inc.), ever practising aloha, doubled the rent for Nov and Dec as they had historically done (for no other reason than to bleed vendors off their xmas profits) and to make a sad story sadder, we left several months later with an enormous debt. So, we went online and never looked back, first working out of the bedroom, then the kitchen AND the livingroom, and today we use several fulfillment companies in Honolulu, California, and New York. That’s the long, insightful, and historically relevant answer.

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