We hear you! Of course, there are horror stories about stolen identities, etc., but consider this: every day billions of online transactions take place involving credit cards and all are safely processed, so why not yours? Today, we and every other online retailer accepting credit cards has to comply with stringent credit card company standards that stipulate that all payment information is automatically encrypted and securely transmitted without the merchant having any access to your credit card number and other sensitive information. So then, why would you want to bypass such security to speak to a person you never met and hand over all the information you deem sensitive, including your card’s security number? Additionally, this information will have to be written down and then exists on a piece of paper… which of course we are required to destroy safely after processing your order. Still, theoretically it keeps the possibility of fraud open…

By now, you can tell that we’re big believers in the smart programmers and engineers who have come up with safe internet payment gateways and in fact we exist by their grace and the trust we have earned with thousands of satisfied customers who have ordered from us over the years, either online, or by placing a call at our toll-free number 909-297-1748.

However, consider two alternatives to ordering by phone or entering credit card information online: Google Checkout and Paypal. Both payment sytems require you to securely enter your payment information only once and from then on you only have to approve payment whenever you place an order. These systems block out all sensitive information for the merchant. Of course, we have all the above discussed options in place during checkout to make your online shopping experience a safe and satisfying one. And remember, you are always protected against fraudulent purchases on your card by your card issuer, so I’d say there’s very little risk if any and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy online from any company that appears legitimate.

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