Actually, a trip to with the Delivery Confirmation you received from us states they have been electronically notified by the shipper (i.c. our computer’s shipping system that weighs each package and prints out postage). However, on the day you are notified we take all packages to the post office and drop them off at the business section with postage already applied.
USPS confuses things a bit as it states: “Please, note that it may take up to 24 hours before the acceptance scan for Delivery Confirmation is registered in the USPS mail-stream.” That may be true if you wait in line and have your package processed by the clerk.

Also, note that APO destination shipments are processed at the final destination by non-USPS personnel, and therefore Delivery Confirmation Tracking does not apply. Delivery of Signature Confirmation number is NOT a tracking number! If you attempt to “track” the package on the USPS website you should be aware that the package is frequently NOT being scanned until it is being delivered, hence the name “Delivery Confirmation.”

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