Surfer's Woody Bamboo Door Beads

Vendor: BFF
Type: Bamboo Curtains

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If you are a surfer and you love your woody, or wish you had one, then check out this venerable Fifties Woody which has now made it onto a cool bamboo curtain where it is parked right on the beach with a surfboard sticking out the back window and a big orange sunset hovering in the background amid towering palm trees. Aside from simply hanging this bamboo bead curtain with tropical beach scene and Woody in a doorway you can also hang it on the wall, or cover up storage areas. Made of hundreds of small pieces of bamboo, each one hand-painted 360 degrees, bamboo room dividers look great from both sides.
Our Premium Quality bamboo doorway curtains have a 'strand count' of 96. 'Strand count' indicates the number of bamboo bead strands from one side of the curtain to the other.

Measurements are 36" wide x 78" high/90 × 200cm (standard door size). Sorry, no custom sizes available. Curtains come fully assembled and ready to rustle in the draft. Disclaimer: Images are painted entirely by hand and therefore may not be exactly as shown.