Sorry, they only come in the posted sizes of 36”x79”, or 90×200cm. If you need curtains to be wider you can do what many customers have done: buy two and adjust the width of one, then hang them together. You can cut the wooden rod from which the strands dangle easily with a small saw. If you need symmetry, simply cut a left and right piece and extend your central curtain that way. If you need a smaller curtain, also consider that you may be able to hang it behind the doorway, rather than in the doorway. You can also hang it in front.
For those that need a longer curtain, we were sent pictures by a customer who had simply overlapped a curtain valanche-style, then removed the beads to where they would no longer touch a person’s head, thereby covering up the rod of the curtain behind it…
Imagine your options!

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